Ambit Travel Rewards

The Ambit Energy company uses the Ambit Travel Rewards program as just one way of thanking their customers for saving money on their utility bills. Ambit has created one of the most attractive customer rewards programs in the industry. New customers and loyal customers are given great travel incentives for just being a valued customers.

Fabulous Free Gift for New Customers

When you enroll and become an activated Ambit customer you will receive the first of your Rewards. You will receive a Free Gift travel voucher good for a 3 Day / 2 Night stay for two at a 3 Star hotel at one of 50 exciting destinations across the country. THIS IS NOT a timeshare presentation!

You Can Also Reap Ambit Rewards Points Every Month

How would you like to go on a cruise to the Bahamas or an all-inclusive Mexican getaway? Ambit Energy awards Points to their customers that can be redeemed for one of these and other travel packages. Customers receive 1 Reward Point for every kWh (kilo Watt hour) of electricity they use each month and 10 Points for every therm of natural gas. So, you save money on your utility bills and you get to enjoy a vacation on Ambit Energy just for being a loyal customer. Has your current Energy supplier ever given you a cruise or a trip to Vegas just for paying your bill?

You Begin with Free Bonus Points

In addition to our FREE GIFT and monthly rewards, Ambit Energy also gives every new customer 2,000 Bonus Rewards Points toward their first travel package. It's just our way of showing how much we value your business.

To join the family of satisfied Ambit Energy Customers

If you live in Texas, Northern Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York and want to learn more about becoming an Ambit Energy Customer, just CLICK HERE! and take the time to click on the Refer a friend and think about what it would like to have FREE ENERGY!


If Network Marketing is something you have thought about, you might want to consider becoming an Ambit Energy Consultant. Ambit Energy has a product that everyone habitually uses and unconsciously purchases everyday! CLICK HERE to view a short video about how Ambit Energy can be your avenue to financial freedom! And if this interest you, click on the Promotion tab and see the current Ambit promotion! If you decide you'd like to get started, I'm here to help.

If you have an interest in learning more about Ambit Energy, feel free to give me a call at the following number: 800-942-6536 or CLICK HERE to contact me.


To view the travel rewards, simply go to

To redeem your travel rewards points, just follow these easy steps:

  • Go to your personal customer website (eg. a***********
  • You will now have to click on the Customer Support
  • Now you have to click on the Customer Login, you will have to put your account number in again (eg: a#########) and your password that you chose when you signed up.
  • At the top center of the page, click on the rewards tab.
  • Then click on the program info
  • Your earned points will be displayed in the upper left side and the 16 different rewards with a discription of them. Choose the travel reward that you are interested in.
  • Then call Ambit Customer support at 877 282 6248 and tell them you want to redeem your travel rewards points. (be sure to have your customer account number handy a********** .) Customer Support will assist you in redeeming your reward points.

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