Ambit Enrollment for New Customer
And/Or to Become an Ambit Consultant

Welcome to Ambit Enrollment where you can join the Ambit Energy family of happy customers and prosperous Ambit Consultants.


Below you can sign up for Ambit Energy services. You can find the Terms of Service for your state by Clicking Here. Ambit Energy has contracted with a third-party verifier, to verify your enrollment by phone before your service is completed.

To sign-up for Ambit service simply click on the link below:

Ambit Customer Sign-up Page


To really understand the opportunity that Ambit Energy is offering their consultants, they have developed a very comprehensive web site called Why Ambit Works, which will answer any questions you may have. By simply clicking on the WhyAmbitWorks you can see for yourself the fantastic benefits that Ambit Energy if offering their consultants.

Aftering viewing WhyAmbitWorks, ask yourself the following:

  • "How many people do I know that uses natural gas and/or electricity?"
  • "How many of them would like to pay less for it, and at the same time possibly earn free energy!"
  • "How much could I earn if I would market this product that just about everyone habitually uses and unconsciously purchases every month?".

    Then if you feel that Ambit Energy can be your vehicle to financial freedom, and you want to sign-up to become an Ambit Consultant and start building your own home based business simply click on the join now! at the bottom left side of video.
    If you want to talk with Charlie, your Ambit Consultant first, and get any questions you might have answered, you can do this by using our Contact Form. Charlie will respond to you as soon as possible.